Sunday, March 30, 2008

The official news

I have been going back an forth for quite some time now on the issue of what the destination should be on my return ticket to the United States. Tonight I finally bought my nonrefundable-in-the-case-of-cancellation-ticket which sealed the decision I had already made to move to Maryland on July 8th for an indefinite period of time (read there: at least a year, and then I would have to earn enough money to move back to the West Coast). What will I do there? Well, that part of things is still uncertain. I am pursuing an opportunity to teach part-time, and am hoping to pursue music and writing more intensively. Odds are much better that I will be able to keep up with my German the closer I am to D.C. Don't worry, all you Eugene-ites (and Portlanders, and all the near-that-area-ers) I will be back to visit Eugene for my dear cousin's wedding in late July/early August, so if you are in the area at that time then please throw me a party so that I can see all of you. There, in brief, is my news. As the rest of my plans are at a liquid stage, and running all over the place, I will wait until they are a little bit more firm to fill you in on them. Don't worry, there's nothing too dramatic in the works. ...And now you know the rest of the story!


twig said...

That's pretty exciting! You know, you make this whole being graduated business look really interesting. It is possibly an illusion created by distance of course... but still. I think I want to try it. :^)

Valerie said...

twig- don't worry it'll come soon enough (say around the middle of June). I'm glad I make it look so interesting. I'm certainly discovering that everything is to some degree as interesting or as boring as you make it. Still, I guess moving overseas by myself for a year would be considered interesting by just about anyone. Good luck on your thesising!

meg said...

this is amazingly exciting. good for you!