Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Okay, I do realize that in my very last post I stated that there was nothing big in the works and that all my plans were fluid, but all of that has changed; and quite quickly at that. I have not had a chance to introduce all of you to Carlton Schmidt yet. That is partly because I tend to keep the most personal things in my life quite private, and partly because I just met him last week. I have never been one who believes in "love at first sight," or instantly knowing that this person is "the one," but I have to admit, I fell extremely quickly and hard. We actually met on the train last weekend, and since that time I have gone out with him nearly every evening after I get done working (which makes me very tired in the morning). I'll tell you more about him in a later blog, but here are salient facts you all should know about him. He's 27, a linguistics professor at the university here in Oldenburg, born to a British mother and German father, he has lived in Germany most of his life and... we're engaged. We haven't set a date yet, or really made any other plans, but I'm so excited I couldn't wait to post something. So there you have it.


Valerie said...

GOT YOU! Happy April Fool's!

Marianne Elixir said...

You kill me.

I had just been thinking that you might have a secret boyfriend too.


But funny.

Xierox said...


sufferingsummer said...

I was going to say...so out of character for Val! I mean Colin and I knew eachother only 3 months when we got engaged but a week??/that was a hard one for me to believe...
You are too funny.

beth said...

ah, val,
there are rumors around!!! rummoorrsss!!!!!!

twig said...

Ahaaa ha ha!! That was spectacular!!!

I randomly saw Karl on April first and told him I was seeing someone. It was great! His face got all happy and shocked (he believed me!!score one ego!) He pretended to punch me when i got him.


hee hee.

JShaffer said...

Woah, I fell for that one big time, I was just formulating my plan of attack (telling Jon and urging Uncle Peter and Aunt Kase to insist on pre-marriage counseling and a lengthy engagement) when I read your comment. Whew, you know how to get a girl's heart racing! Nevertheless, I can totally see you falling for a dashing European man someday! I'm enjoying all of your posts.... Cousin Lisa

Kelly said...

Due to your "slow to warm up" nature, and your adamantly stating (before you left) that you would not marry a German man, I was suspicious. However, I am a naturally very trusting person so there was part of me that felt I needed to fly over there and knock some sense into you - or knock the daylights out of him. Sigh. . .this is why I hate April Fools. It's an emotional rollercoaster. But I love you. Good one.

Deanna said...

That was great. I fell for it, not knowing you that well, it being a few days past April 1 when I read it, and, what can I say? They don't call me Ms. Gullible for nothin'.

Hope your mom didn't experience heart palpitations. :o)

Melanie said...

Got me too! Although I could hardly believe Sarah wouldn't have said something when we talked yesterday! And I read it a week late, so I didn't have my guards up.

Valerie said...

Marianne- nope. Still not yet.
Poopy- ditto
Summer- yeah, it's been said that I have a three year warm up period before I truly feel comfortable around people.
Beth- haha. Yeah. The power of lying from far enough away that no one can confirm or deny your story and then getting to call it all a joke.
Twig- glad you liked it.
Lisa- don't worry. I'd have to run any guy through the family gauntlet before I'd be allowed to marry him, and that's a sobering enough thought that I won't drag anyone into it so lightly as I have here implied.
Kelly- ahh. You're right. You know me better. Love you too.
Deanna- I certainly hope that my mother is alright. I haven't heard from her about it though, so I suspect either she hasn't read the post, or her heart is strong enough to handle it.
Melanie- your comment made me realize it is high time I post something else, so that I don't keep catching people in my trap with the first blog that shows up on my page. Hello to you, by the way! I didn't know you read this. I'll see you sooner than later!

K. A. Wallace said...

By the way Valerie. You do know you have now set the standard for yourself. I expect nothing less than a University trained british-german fellow to sweep you off your feet. If it happens any differently I won't believe it : )

Mm said...

Okay, Mom here. I would have written earlier except that I have to go through so many iterations of possible usernames and passwords (since I can never remember how I registered) that once I type something I have so much invested I can hardly make myself start.
You did NOT "get" me. There was so much revelry on April 1 in your growing up years that I am totally on guard. The only surprise I got was that you did not manage to arrange something across the sea that directly affected me. My clocks were unharmed, my newspaper was normal, and my coffee did not turn my mouth black. So, there you have it.
I am leaving for Frankfurt April 24. So, see you soon (just in case)

meg said...

well, this'll teach me not to have my computer die, get really busy with work, man and life and not read my friend's blogs...a month later and the fool was me!