Monday, July 7, 2008

Goodbye Days

Considering the fact that my flight leaves tomorrow, and I have a multitude of things to do before that time, I am assuming that this will be my last post from Germany. It will not, however, be my last post about Germany; not by a long shot. After I recover from jet lag, I fully intend to post some pictures and stories of the last few weeks here, trying to fill in some of the multitude of gaps. With a little bit of luck (and perhaps a few reminders), this post will not go into the paving stone category with all of my other intended posts.
Tschuss, und aufwiedersehen.


Sarah said...

See you tomorrow!

Dad said...

Can't wait to have you "home"!

teal! said...

psssshhhh. you better post more.

safe travels!

Kelly said...

Goodbye to Germany! Hello to Schmal! Though we aren't close, it gives me comfort to know we are closer. Hope to see you soon.

Noah said...

Have a good flight!