Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Days go by...

Everyone told me that Time's leaden feet of the beginning of my stay here would be transformed in the last days into winged things such as those which made Hermes so famous, and despite my doubts, the days are indeed flying to their close.
Siobahn, the new au pair, arrived Monday night.
I leave in five days, and have more plans for those hours than can possibly be realized.
Silke and I are visiting the Netherlands on Friday.
I still need to purchase obscene amounts of chocolate to bring home with me.
There is laundry to be washed and hung to dry in the corner of the yard where I run no danger of being embarrassed by the passer-by being able to see my undergarments.
Felix, seeming instinctively to realize that I am being somehow withdrawn from him, has become adorably clingy and kuschlich (prone to snuggle).
Photos of all the places I do not want to remember are still in need of being captured.
...Therefore, if you hear nothing from me for a week or so, don't be alarmed. I haven't been sold into white slavery: I'm just tired, stressed and trying to make it back to the states.


teal! said...

*whoa* are you telling me that the german's have a word for "prone to snuggling" ? that is so awesome...

Sarah said...

Yay! Can't wait to see you!

Valerie said...

teal- yeah, "snuggly" just didn't seem to fit it quite right.
Sarah- I'm counting the hours!

Dad said...

Can't wait to "see" you when you come back. Love you sweetheart. And your mother says "ditto" but couldn't quite figure out how to leave a comment. That's why we love her.