Saturday, November 17, 2007


In light of the fact that I post almost twice a week, I thought I would get that second post in today before a new week begins. Also I decided it was high time to fill in more details about what's happening in my life. First of all, last Sunday I decided to try a free evangelical church here in Oldenburg because I was finding that the time it took to get to Bremen was playing on my weekend laziness, and I wasn't going to church very often anymore. This new one is small (no big change there), and the people seem very friendly. I am also encouraged by the fact that my German has progressed well enough that I spoke with the people there almost exclusively in German (I had to ask one girl to help me with a couple of words), and I know that will help my language skills to continue to progress. I also finally got my official Au Pair visa last week. Of all the official photos that I have taken in my life, this one is the least flattering. Yes, it's the typical mug shot, but I'm pale and a bit sickly looking. I think that is because I actually was sick when the photo was taken. Oh well. At least I am now completely legal for the next eight months. My language classes also started again. We had enjoyed an entire week long break between the semesters, and now that we have returned, we added six new faces, including a guy from Wyoming named Brett. The first time I heard him speak German in class before I had officially met him, I could tell that his accent was American. He sounds almost exactly like Jan who was in my class at Gutenberg. I hadn't thought that I would recognize an American accent, but I certainly do. Beyond that, the health in the household seems to keep improving, although everyone seems to be following the winter tradition of coughing and sniffling. None of it seems serious, though. Oh, and in other big news: thank you mom for the care package. I'm wearing knee-high socks right now and have warm new pajama pants that I had thought I would drown in, but find instead to be comfortably loungeable.
Yes, and before I forget: Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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meg said...

happy thanksgiving Val! I hope you eat a turkey sandwich next thursday and think of all your american friends.

I can't believe how amazing it is that your German is improving to the point that you hardly need help, that is sooo cool.

so, when do we get to see the photo from your visa?