Thursday, November 8, 2007

About the Kitchen

I believe it was Meg who tagged me awhile back to share ten things about my kitchen. Since I have nothing else particular to say at the moment, I will finally share my ten. So here goes:
10 Random facts about my Kitchen
1. It's not my kitchen.
2. There's homemade brown sugar in the cupboard which we use for Coffee. Carolin and I made it one afternoon.
3. There are three clocks in the kitchen, all showing different times. The greatest difference between two of the clocks is an hour and nine minutes.
4. There is a personal soda water maker that is used frequently.
5. And yet there is no soda pop (which is fine by me).
6. Quark. It's a mix between cream cheese and yogurt only better and smoother. You spread it on bread with honey or jam and it's pretty good for you, but it kinda freaked me out at first. We don't have any at the moment, but it's generally a household staple in German homes as far as I can tell.
7. The refrigerator is only about 3' x 4', and there's no freezer attached to it. (The freezer and another small fridge are in the basement).
8. I, yet again, live in a house that boasts more mugs than glasses.
9. The bread in the drawer is super dense and slice only 1 cm or so thick.
10. There is no garlic to be found, but that's because I live and eat with a breastfeeding mother.
So there you have them. I hope you enjoyed and I'll write something more interesting another time.


Teal said...

sooo..... homemade brown sugar? how did you do it?
-personal fizzy water maker thing = awesome! i would use one of those all the time.

Yoshi said...

how can you live without garlic, I think I would perish in a matter of days had I no garlic on hand. I'm curious about this soda-water-maker-thing. How does it work? should we send over some torani?

Mm said...

Do you remember when you were tiny that we had a Soda Stream machine? It used cannisters of CO2 to bubble into fluid and make soda-whatever? We made our own fizzy juices (usually apple , sometimes grape) and homemade pizza on Sunday nights. You were probably only 3 or 4 when I could no longer get the cannisters so the machine went away. I loved that. alternative to pop. Is that the type of thing you have there?

meg said...

i love the list, sounds like a kitchen i'd like to sit in. one day i'd love to spread that yogurty-cream cheesey thing on some toast.