Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I am officially spoiled

I realized today that one of the reasons I don't gush about Felix and Carolin is not because they aren't cute and charming, but because I have a very bad habit of comparing them to Will and Coal. Anyone who saw me on Thursdays last year has met Coal (and possibly Will as well) and can understand why this comparison would make anyone feel bad. Comparing is never flattering and often offensive, so needless to say, I try to stifle these tendencies. But I have to tell you something now about Will and Coal. Today I got a pretty large care package from the Taylor Family. On the top of the package were three paper airplanes and an invitation to Coal's birthday which was in August. One of the airplanes had instructions on the side of it telling me that if I opened the folds I would find "a bunch of bugs." I did as I was told and found a crayon picture of squished bugs! How entertaining is the mind of an eight year old. Along with pictures and even a couple of exemplary homework-themed enclosures I got some of the my personal favorites from home: coffee from Wandering Goat, Chai Tea, and popcorn! I won't list all of the things that were in the box because it would take too long, but I will simply declare myself delighted, overjoyed, and honored to know such wonderful and generous people. Every time I receive something from the people at home whether it is an email, letter, package, or even just a comment here it brings not just a smile to my face but one of those stupidly-big-showing-most-my-teeth-and-some-of-my-gums smiles. So thank all of you, for reading and for thinking of me. I am honored and spoiled by your affection.


Scarlettah said...

Hey Schmal, glad to hear your thoughts . . . I'm always checking in to see what adventures you have been having. As the possibility of my going to Austria becomes more and more a clear idea in my mind I am becoming more and more terrified, but also excited . . . though in a tenuous way because I don't know if it will happen or not. Anyhow.

I missed Oktoberfuss, but I'm looking forward to talking to people more about it because I hear it was quite influential in some ways--it made an impact on several/many people, especially parents. What do you think about it? I posted some thoughts about the topic (www.stammerings.blogspot.com) and would love to get your rreaction if you have the time and interest.

Thanks again for sharing your adventure.

meg said...

wandering goat coffee? firstly let me say i couldn't agree more, but isn't this some kind of cheating? i mean, you worked at full city for HOW long?

In all honesty though, I am happy you are having moments of joy.

twig said...

Today I was at full city, sitting in very cold sunshine, and across the way I saw a tall girl with straight brown hair. She was listening to someone talk on a cellphone and grinning straight out and goofy. After a couple of seconds I realized that it wasn't you, and was highly disappointed.

(It wasn't you- unless this whole Germany thing is a cover story for your CIA work...)