Monday, October 8, 2007

Comfort foods

Monday is my day to watch Felix in the morning as well as working the afternoon. I must say, the boy just keeps getting cuter. He makes the funniest facial expressions which are primarily comical because they mirror my own face. Today I decided to have lunch ready for Sabine when she got back from work... no mean task with a five month old on your arm, I find. The lad is getting sick, so he begs for a lot more cuddling and attention than usual. Anyway, I'm still not very comfortable in the kitchen in general and especially in one that is not my own so I decided to make something very simple. Yep. Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Still, there is room for me to be proud of myself. Having been thoroughly propagandized by Campbell's, I had never made the soup from tomato puree. A little cream, a little milk, thyme and salt and it's not half bad. Grilled cheese I have had down for a long time, but guess what? not too much cheddar in Germany, so (read in a sarcastic "oh darn" here) I was forced to use Edamer. Yummmy. And today was a good day for that meal. It's been droopingly gray for a couple of days now, and things are just cold enough to justify that warm scratchiness that always comes as the soup slides down your throat. I served it up explaining that it is the quintessential American comfort food. She liked it.


beth said...

Good job Val! I am quite proud! Isnt it nice to be able to cook something that reminds you of home?
When you come back, you should make some German food for us!

Scarlettah said...

Wie sagt man "quintessential comfort food" auf Deutsch?

Valerie said...

Beth- okay... but we can't invite vegetarians because the meal will be wurst.
Lars- Ich habe keine Ahnung. Am besten Essen in der ganz Welt!

twig said...

That sounds like a really nice day. It.. makes me homesick... to be honest. what irony.