Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why do I always move to places where it rains most of the time?

It has turned cold. Not that the half of the summer I experienced here was anywhere near what I would consider hot, but there is that definite change in the attitude of the weather which signals Autumn. Officially, the season starts in three days, but Germany lives up to its reputation of punctuality a little over enthusiastically sometimes. This morning after class I went and bought myself a pair of rain pants. Kinda. They're really just waterproof hiking pants, and they won't fit over any of my other pants very well, but I am determined to make due. Three days a week I roll out of bed and bike the eight or so kilometers to language school. Often this is a precious piece of my day when it is just me, fresh air, good music, and very tired limbs trying to wake up enough to get me to class on time. But on those days when it rains... Last week I came into class fairly soaked and quite cold. After that day I acquired a rain jacket. Then I realized I could really use some gloves: so I got myself a pair. Today it rained again so I bit the bullet and purchased the rain pants. As I am sure it will rain again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, I am sure that I will have ample opportunity to test them. My hope is that they exceed all expectations particularly since I have a slightly vicious sore throat which attacked me this morning that I am hope to shake off as soon as possible, and have no wish to add to its company and brand of runny nose, or sneezing or any other of the seasonal illnesses.

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Melissa said...

Hey Val! I've enjoyed keeping up with your blog. I can just hear the intonation of your voice in saying some of the things that you've posted - you have a distinct way of writing. And a lot of the time I am smiling or cracking up when reading. As for the earlier post about the horse; in England there were these tiny little horses that I'd go out and see whenever I went running; they came up to about my waist and had long shaggy hair. It gave the impression that they had just aged too fast, and not grown into a larger horse.

This is my favorite season in Eugene. It's not so blasted hot but it's still often sunny, and the air is crisp.