Thursday, September 27, 2007

Going down South

Well, I don't have very much to say at the moment except that it will be a little bit before I write again. I am leaving tomorrow with the family to spend five days in a smallish town called Lauf. It is near N├╝renburg and about a six hour drive normally. Since we will have two kids in the car, it will likely take us around eight hours. Wish me luck because this could be an interesting weekend. I'll tell all about it when I get back. Until next time: goodnight, sleep tight, and pleasant dreams to you. There's a wish and a hope that every dream comes true. And so till we meet again... adios! au revoir! auf wiedersehen! goodnight!


meg said...

i can't believe you sat in a car, with someone else's children for 8 hours, and back again.

thanks for commenting on the blog. it made andy 'n me smile.

can't wait to read about your adventure.

beth said...

Hey, I think you should be back already! did it go!!