Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tiredness Part I (an introduction)

Dawn has never broken gently over me.
I have had roommates and housemates who literally do that little happy-morning-flounce as their eyes are opening long before first light. I have personally never had the energy nor the inclination for this particular display of early birdieness; I distinctly remember as a child the flowing tears when I realized that I "really did have to wake up now." Of course at that time in my life I would cry over such minor things that it seemed I was single-handedly trying to make the high desert in which I lived into a tropical climate. Still, those ante meridiem hours were always especially trying. Mom would try to forestall the tears and rouse me with OJ and back scratches on several occasions, but my owlishness was deeply seeded. Even through college my morning routine consisted of groggily rolling over, pulling on the clothes closest to me (which explains my deplorable fashion for many years), and hobbling as quickly as possible off to work or class or whatever event I was about to be late for. All of that talk of birds and worms, and morning people generally being more productive than we the creatures of the night served equally to motivate and annoy me.
This being another of my years of adventure and personal growth, I decided to convert to the Sunrisen. To change my spots I signed up for the opening shift four (sometimes five) days a week at said Green Apron House. Now instead of orange juice and back rubs I am awakened by the grating and buzzing of my cell phone alarm, a cold brisk walk and the prospect of a ten hour working day.
I am actually quite proud of how well I have adjusted to this new extra early morning lifestyle. But this week has been quite the beast. You must understand that I have retained that college mentality that I can catch up on my sleep later and I won't miss the winks too badly. This theory is true until you either pile up too many lack-sleep-a-days in a row or cut the nights too short. This week I did both.
More the day after Tomorrow


Sarah said...

Oh...sorry you're so tired!

sufferingsummer said...

yeah. or you turn 30...or you have kids...then that college mentality really just flat out doesn't work, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself it does...and trust me, I keep trying;)

Tina Hagen said...

Or you are indeed very tired and you should look for other reasons why or this is you character and wouldn't change so easy. Find a hobby to make you get up early.

Trespasser said...

Um, yeah. Bummer? I know that a bit of ennui is normal at our stage in life, but I'm not sure it requires multi-part expression. Tell me something that makes you happy right now. Like trivia night.