Sunday, December 9, 2007

Why I love Dickens

Ode to an Expiring Frog
'Can I view thee panting, lying
On thy stomache, without sighing;
Can I unmoved see thee dying
On a log,
Expiring frog!

Say, have fiends in shape of boys,
With wild halloo and brutal noise,
Hunted thee from marshy joys,
With a dog,
Expiring frog!


Teal said...

i have no point of reference for this at all....

but it is amusing nonetheless.

twig said...

stupid boys.

Deanna said...

It is a lovely poem. I didn't realize you'd been blogging, but now I shall peruse your posts with glee.

Valerie said...

Teal- the reference is that I have been reading Pickwick Papers periodically, and this passage struck my fancy.
Twig- amen to that. Killing innocent frogs not even hunting them for sustenance.
Deanna- indeed. I am blogging. Welcome, put up you feet and allow yourself to be updated on my life (as often as I find the time and energy to update this).