Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ten things...

...that I have discovered in my first two and a half weeks in Germany:
1. I need a new winter coat.
In Europe, even the overgrown paths through the woods have the remains of brick/cobblestone paving.
3. It is nearly impossible to fake laugh at a joke that you don’t understand when the joke is in a different language.
The reason we have stereotyped Germans as fat, wurst-eating, beer-drinking people is because when we come over here and start drinking their beer and eating their wurst we get really fat, and we want our friends back home to believe that everyone over here is fat so we don’t look so bad.
Whoever coined the phrase “sleep like a baby” had no idea what they were talking about.
McDonalds is everywhere, but everywhere people know that it is junk food.
7. Celsius and meters make more sense.
Mastercard was wrong: don’t leave home without your own coffee.
Don’t underestimate the value of uncarbonated water.
10. Nutella. The end.


Heather said...

Hi Valerie darling,

Its' Heather - your long lost friend from Eugene. I was emailing Scarlettah about her blog on her trip through Europe and she mentioned that you were in Germany and she gave me a link to your blog. It is so nice to hear about what you are doing in your life. I really have been missing everyone in Eugene terribly this summer. For some reason the end of the school year always makes me homesick for Eugene. I feel so very out of touch with everyone. When did you decide to go to Germany? I think it sounds like a great thing for you to do. Much more interesting then sitting in an office all day. I am still working for a publishing company in Portland, which is interesting, but I still feel to young to be spending nine hours a day sitting in an office. Anyway, I am at work right now so I should probably get back to it... If you have the time please write and let me know how you are doing. I heard that Sarah got married. How is the rest of your family doing? I completely understand if you dont have the time to write but please know that I am thinking of you. Love, Heather

Trespasser said...

Hallo, Schwester! Nimmst du caffee von Eugene? Ich kann sie ihnen senden. Okay, I'm all Germaned out now. I'm glad to hear you are starting to settle in. Nutella is great, I agree. I'll write more later, but I'm supposed to be getting up in 6 hours to dance for another 9. I'm exhausted. I love you so so much, and very much miss you already.

Rachel Suzanne said...

Hey Val,

Mari gave me a link to your blog. I'm glad all is going well in Germany. I discovered Nutella while in Russia. It's good stuff. I am sending a real paper letter to Mari, and then she will add on to it and send it to you in Germany and then you must add on to it etc. etc. I am currently reading All Quiet on the Western Front, because I have never read it and am teaching it to my freshman next year. Have a good day!

meg said...

i love this. if all you have is time to make us short lists of life as you know now it...well...i'll be happy.

hope to read more soon.

Kase said...

I found you and it seems I have an account. This is good. I like the list, and you write so well. Who taught you to write? Mm